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About Us

International Early Childhood Education Association (IECEA) is an authoritative organization formed by famous experts, scholars, entrepreneurs in the domain of early childhood education from the US, Canada, Australia, China, and other European countries. IECEA is committed to strengthening the international exchanges and cooperation on early childhood education, integrating global resources of the industry, promoting consistency, standardization and internationalization of early childhood education, as well as, cultivating future leaders in the field. In order to ensure that educators will provide the appropriate education to infants, IECEA has established many guidelines for early childhood education.

According to the definition from IECEA, early childhood education means the education provided to children aged from 0 to 8 years old. In some cases, it especially refers to the education for infants aged from 0-3 who are pre-school kids. IECEA reported that children's early childhood life experience will not only impact their school life, but it also has great influence to their future adult life.

Our Vision: Through integration and utilization of IECEA's global resources, we aim at enabling all children in the world to enjoy a standardized, high quality early childhood education, regardless of their races and locations.

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